Saturday, January 5, 2013

Three Months! (and an RSV update)

Our Londyn Grace!
Our Sweet Pea is three months old! So much has changed since her two month update! 

December was full of firsts for Londyn Grace beginning with her first full nights sleep in her bassinet! I laid her down at 11:00 and couldn't believe my eyes when the clock read 5:30 am! Since then most nights she sleeps from 11:00 to 6:00. Occasionally she will wake for a 3:00 feeding.

This month she has really started to blossom! Her sweet smiles are now accompanied by coos and even a laugh now and then! We love it when she "talks" to us! Daddy is epecially good at getting her to chat with him!

She is finally letting Mama put her down without fussing and has grown to love her bouncy seat! So much so that she even naps there occasionally! :) Naps are still hit and miss but definitely better than before!

Londyn Grace is still nursing every two hours but her growth in the last month proves its helping our peanut grow! I feel like we are finally starting to find our groove! 

She has grown 3 inches in 6 weeks! She is now 9 pounds 7.5 ounces and 23 inches long! (Up from 7 pounds 15 ounces 20 inches at 8 weeks!) She is able to wear 0-3 months clothes now! Newborn still fit her body but she is way too long for newborn sleepers and pants. 

Sweet Londyn girl did an amazing job for her Christmas portraits! (I will post them soon!) Her grandparents and aunts and uncles were surprised with framed pictures as a part of their christmas presents!

She is doing better with getting her clothes and diapers changed! However is still not a fan of baths! Speaking of diapers, she was finally big enough for us to make the switch to cloth! We are a month into it and loving it! (I will do a post dedicated to our experience so far with cloth soon!)

During the past month, she has visited the nursing home where our church ministers,  (the elderly there loved her!) attended a cookie exchange with Mama, stayed home with Mimi and Pop Pop while Daddy and Mama went out to dinner for our anniversary, and of course celebrated her first Christmas!

Unfortunately, December also brought Londyn Grace her first cold! Sneezing and coughing are no fun! She hates when she has to get her nose cleaned out with the aspirator. It takes both Daddy and Mama to get the job done.

It seemed to be getting worse and our pediatrician was closed for the holiday so we made an appointment with his back up doctor. He diagnosed LG with RSV Bronchiolitis and prescribed albuterol.  

The RSV diagnosis was pretty scary, but this doctor didn't act like it was that big of a deal. We gave her the albuterol for two days, but I did not like the side effects that came with it. It made her little heart race and she was wired! I decided that we wouldn't use it until we spoke with our regular pediatrician. 

We went to visit Dr. Schlachter yesterday for a previously scheduled well visit, and to get his opinion of the other doctor's diagnosis. Londyn was definitely coughing less and breathing better at this point. Dr. Schlachter examined her and told us that her lungs were clear and that her "RSV" was most likely just the virus that's been going around since before Hurricane Sandy hit. He said that most doctors label a lot of babies with RSV that really don't have it. Londyn Grace was sick and having trouble breathing from all the congestion, but she most likely did not have RSV. We are grateful for our doctor and his wisdom! We trust his judgement and are thankful that Londyn is on the mend!

The well visit portion of her appointment yielded great news as well! He reported that LG is "growing beautifully!" She is getting taller faster than she is getting heavier (hence 3 inches in 6 weeks!), but is doing well in both length and weight! According to his scale, she weighed in at 10 pounds!!! 

I asked him about when and if I should start cereal or oatmeal (first time mom here!) and he said she won't need solids until April at six months old and that even then he suggests fruits and vegetables over cereal. I also asked him to check Londyn for a possible tongue tie. She has a shallow latch while nursing and it makes for very lengthy nursing sessions, lots of latching and unlatching. After examining her, he reported that she is not tongue tied, but does have a small jaw which may prevent her from opening her mouth wide enough for a deep latch. He said it is not a cause for concern however since she is gaining weight!

Seeing her grow and change has been so wonderful! We are still in awe that this sweet little girl is ours!

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