Monday, October 29, 2012

Three Weeks


This month is flying by!

On Thursday, we celebrated my birthday! My sweet parents and sister came from Maryland and after spending the day at home, we decided to head out to dinner at Cracker Barrel. I was nervous about how Londyn Grace would do but she slept the whole time! She woke up just as we got home and was definitely ready to eat! After she was fed, we had cake and ice cream. I received so many cards and sweet gifts but having our sweet girl here was the best present ever!

Friday was low key and we enjoyed time with Pop Pop, Mimi and Auntie M before they had to head back in the afternoon. We also spent the day waiting for the midwife to come weigh Londyn again. I was very anxious to know if she had gained. Thankfully, she had. She was 6 pounds 3 ounces! Up from 5 pounds 15.5 ounces on Wednesday! Friday night, Grandpap came back to visit and to pick up Grammy and Uncle Ben who had been with us through the week.

We enjoyed their company until they headed home Saturday afternoon. Then Londyn Grace watched the Michigan game with Daddy!

Sunday we went to church. Londyn did great even though it was a long day! We had a special dinner after the service, and then had an afternoon service since it was Pastor Appreciation Sunday.

Sunday night we packed for Londyn's first trip back home to meet her great grandparents and other family! When we arrived, Uncle Matt and Aunt Rebekah (Daniel's brother and sister in law) were excited to hold her for the first time!

Monday was a wonderful day! We took her to meet her Great Granny, Mom Mom and Mamal (my grandmothers and great grandmother). Then she met her Oma and Opa (Daniel's grandparents)! We had dinner at Uncle Johnny and Aunt Megan's house! After dinner, Daniel had to head back to Jersey, but Londyn Grace and I stayed an extra day.

Monday night she went to her first revival and heard Mimi, Auntie M and Uncle Johnny sing! (And Uncle Joe play! :) )

Tuesday, Londyn had more adoring fans to meet! She also got to visit the school where Mommy used to teach and meet some of Mommy's friends there!

Tuesday night it was time to head back to New Jersey. Londyn Grace was such a good girl on the three and half hour trip. We stopped halfway so she could eat!

Wednesday morning it was time for another weight check. We were so excited when the scale at the mid wife's office read 6 pounds 5 ounces!
She made it back to birthweight!

We are so in love with our girl and can't imagine life without her! We didn't get a chair/chalkboard picture this week because a certain little girl wanted to eat constantly (hence the weight gain so we are not complaining! :) ) so this one with her super big but super cute bow will have to do! She'll be four weeks old tomorrow! I can't believe it!

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