Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ten Weeks

How Far Along: 10 Weeks

Size of baby: Our sweet little peanut is the size of a prune! I am so excited and feel very blessed that we've made it to the double digits! Almost finished with the first trimester!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I gained a few of the pounds I lost with the bug back over the last few days. I finally have an appetite again!

Maternity Clothes: Not yet!
Gender: For some reason I've been thinking about boy names this week feeling like it could be a boy! We shall see!
Movement: still busy growing, no moving yet.
Sleep: Sleeping has been better! I think it's because of how exhausted  I was from losing so much fluid earlier in the week.
What I miss: other than my energy, nothing really!
Cravings: Pasta salad, applesauce, Also Long John Silver's chicken planks & hushpuppies (haven't gotten any yet, though!)

Symptoms: Still a bit nauseous

Best Moment this week: I'm sure it will be my appointment on Tuesday! Really hoping to hear the heartbeat!


  1. Oh, I'm totally with you on the LJS chicken planks. Love them! You're looking good, girl. Grow that baby!!

    Have you had an ultrasound yet? Or heard the heartbeat? Are you sure there's only one little prune in there? :)

    1. Should hear the heartbeat tomorrow! :) I am with you on the multiple thing...I think I'm big for 10 weeks and that I've gained more weight than normal with one. We will see....!!!!!