Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Ice Cold Lemonade

Since we planned to have a yard sale to make a few dollars for our upcoming vacation,  I thought it would be fun for Londyn Grace to make a little cash for the trip, too.

She loves being in the kitchen so she was super excited to make lemonade for her stand.

Daddy helped her squeeze the lemons on Friday evening while I rocked Bubby to sleep. When they finished, she brought a cup upstairs for me to try! It was so yummy, but her excitement over it was even sweeter! As she drifted off to sleep, she told me again how she couldn't wait until morning!

When she woke up bright and early on Saturday, she was raring to go! Daniel decided to take Liam with him on visitation so we could focus on the yard sale and lemonade selling, things a busy almost two year old boy wouldn't find super exciting, so it was just me and my firstborn for the day.

She provided entertainment free of charge while we waited for customers. Such a silly girl!

We started the day with her table up in the driveway, but it was hard to be seen by people driving by. I suggested we should go down to the sidewalk to advertise!

I never want to forget how precious she was waving her lemons and yelling "Ice Cold Lemonade!" or how she replied "No! You're my Mama! You don't have to pay for it!" when I asked her if I could buy a cup! 

I'm pretty sure she drank her weight in the sugary liquid so much so that she wasn't hungry for lunch!

She was such a hard worker though and stayed at her table all day! Between stirring the lemonade and counting her profits, she stayed busy!

She learned about George Washington and Abe Lincoln, too!

She had so many sweet customers! Some of our church friends stopped by, and she loved serving them! One man who made a u-turn when he heard her advertising gave her a $5 bill and told her to keep the change for all her hard work! Another bought a second cup since his first was so tasty! And her personal favorite was an older gentleman who shared a name with the mouse at Disney World!

I love this picture of her pretending to be sad when we had a lull in business for awhile and several cars passed without stopping! 

It took a lot of convincing to get her to close up shop for the day, but when all was said and done, she had made $21 dollars! Lot of people gave her way more than the 50 cent asking price!

She had so much fun, and we made the best memories!

She sure missed her Brother though! I think it was the longest they have ever been apart! 

She was so excited to see him coming up the street!

Daddy delighted her with his juggling skills!

So we can now cross "Have a Lemonade Stand" off of our Summer Bucket List, but if a certain pigtailed little girl has her way, I'm almost sure we'll be having another before the season ends!


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