Thursday, April 21, 2016

Londyn Grace is Three and a Half!

Half way to four?!

You are getting so so big! I'm pretty sure every inch of babyhood and now even toddlerhood is behind us. I mentioned on Instagram that some of age three has been a challenge for us as you've grown more independent and opinionated over the last few months, but none of that outweighs the wonderful things about the amazing little girl you are becoming.

At three and half years old, you weigh thirty one pounds and stand      38 inches tall. You are wearing mostly 4T. You can still wear 3T smocked dresses comfortably since they run larger. You have almost outgrown your size 8 shoes so your new Easter shoes are size 9.

Since your third birthday, you have moved to a big girl bed. You were quickly outgrowing your toddler bed that you had been in since you were just over a year and half so we made the switch to the antique twin bed that Mom Mom had gifted us a few months ago. You've done really well in it and love to line all of your dolls and stuffed animals up along the headboard each morning before we head downstairs for breakfast.

Speaking of eating, this is probably our biggest struggle with you as of late. You have a hard time finishing what we put on your plate, even if it's things you've requested. In the last few weeks, we have implemented a sticker chart, with the promise of a doll carseat you have your eye on at Target, in hopes that you will start to eat a little better. It has definitely helped!

During the day, your favorite things to do include playing with play doh, doing puzzles, painting and pretending with your baby dolls. You got the game Candy Land for Christmas and also like playing Hi! Ho! Cherry Oh! with mama. Playing outside tops your list though, especially going to the park and playgrounds.

You are very interested in flowers and birds! With Spring's arrival, you are excited to watch as the flowers bloom and birds are a more frequent sight in the yard. You love hydrangea (from watching our bush grow last year) and are anxious to see them bloom again. A few days ago, you were so excited to see two bluebirds in the backyard. You always question why they don't talk! You helped Daddy plant new flowers in the front bed, and we are getting ready to plant a garden for the first time! You've watched in wonder as the tomato seeds we started inside have sprouted. I love this side of you and often wish your great grandmothers (Granny and Mamal) were here to see how much you enjoy it! When we took your half birthday pictures, you cried when we had to leave because you loved the beautiful pink trees!

You love your Brother so much. Always thinking of him and looking out for him. Watching you two together makes my heart so happy!

Going to church to see your friends and learn in Sunday School and Primary Church are other highlights of your weeks. You loved Upward Basketball this year and looked forward it each week. You had pretty much every player's name memorized and loved to cheer for them as they played.

You enjoy being read to and reading to yourself as you recount the stories you've memorized! Your favorite books are any of your Bearenstain Bears books or a silly story called Mrs. Toggle's Zipper.

You like to watch The Bearenstain Bears, Dora, and Goldie and Bear on tv in the mornings.

You are sweet and silly. You are such an incredible joy to our family! 

Yellow and pink are your favorite colors. You still love to sing! 

You have started to get yourself dressed if I lay out your clothes for you and can even refill your juice cup and pour yourself a bowl of cereal if the jug of juice or milk isn't too full! 

You were so into Easter this year. From dying eggs to seeing the Easter Bunny, you loved it all. Holidays with you are such a blast!

I'm so looking forward to all that the next few months will bring like going on vacation and doing so many fun summertime activities with you! You are already asking to go back to the beach! 

Recently, you've had to go to the dentist a few times for some work on one of your front teeth and you do such an amazing job letting the dentist work in your mouth. She said you sit better than some of her teenage patients! 

You blow me away daily with how grown up you are! 

Mama loves you, Goosey! Way more than you know! 

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  1. Our youngest daughter just entered high school last September. Those years when they are little and planting flowers with you in the garden are so precious and go by too fast!