Friday, January 29, 2016

Bubby's 1st Trip to the Barber Shop

We've been debating it for months. Both of us would go back and forth between "I think it's time for a haircut" and "his curls look so good today!" moments! The day I'd be ready to take him for a trim, Daddy would want to wait a little bit longer and when Daddy was ready to clip the curls, Mama would want to hold onto his babyhood for as long as possible! But it was getting harder to manage and his curls weren't the tight ringlets that Sissy's were by this age so we decided it was finally time. 
a before shot ... super unsure of what was about to happen

The barber shop that Daniel uses offers babies first haircut for free and his barber has been asking him when he was going to bring Liam in so that's where we went. 

Angelo's has been in business in our town for ages and Angelo, the owner, hence the name, has been cutting hair for even longer. He suggested that Liam sit on Daddy's lap for the trim so he would be less apt to wiggle. And it worked because I have never seen him sit so still. 

He sat with a solemn look on his little face and just took in everything the barber did. He never cried, but he didn't even crack a smile until he was nearly finished. 

Meanwhile, I busied myself with picture taking so I wouldn't be the one in tears!

When he finished, and Daddy handed him to me, I most certainly got teary eyed! My baby boy looked so big!

This picture of my guys just makes me so happy! I know many more father and son barber shop trips are in their future!

I absolutely loved the cut and it just suits his little personality so well. 

The barber was kind enough to tuck some of the clippings into an empty envelope for safe keeping and even mentioned wanting to submit some of the pictures I took to the local paper.

After Bubby was finished, it was Daddy's turn so we walked over to say hello to the birds Angelo keeps in a cage in the corner. He loved looking at them and saying, "tweet! tweet!"

I snapped a few more after shots of my big boy while Daddy finished up.

We had such a sweet afternoon making memories of our baby boy's big milestone so we celebrated with pizza before heading home. Bubby thoroughly enjoyed the lollipop Angelo rewarded him with while we waited on our food.

Every time I look at him, I just fall in love all over again! He is just the sweetest and I'm so blessed to call him my son! 

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