Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Liam ~ Six and Seven Months

Well, I did it. One of those things I promised myself I'd never do. I intended to give the same time and attention to Liam's monthly updates as I did to Londyn Grace's in her first year, but here I am two months behind! I feel so badly about not keeping them current as these updates are a baby book of sorts for my little ones, but between the flu, my laptop having an unfortunate run in with apple juice and just being busy with two babes, keeping house, running my business and helping with the ministries at church, I just couldn't keep up. I started typing his sixth month update on time and have managed to take the pictures on the exact day he turned six and seven months old so that makes me feel a little better. I also am active on Instagram and keep daily and weekly notes about his growth and development on there!  If you're not following me, I'm @ephthreetwenty !

So without further adieu, let's get caught up on my sweet Bubby!

Six months. A half a year! Our little Liam babe is halfway to one!

He weighed in at 13 pounds 2 ounces at his sixth month checkup which is a few ounces less than LG was at this age, but I'm guessing it's because he is so active. He measured 25 inches long.

This month he moved up to 3-6 month shirts/onesies and 6 month pants mainly because cloth diapers are so bulky. 

He's still a peanut, but has grown so much since our first chalkboard picture was taken back in September. 

His biggest milestone this month was learning to sit unassisted. He doesn't sit long though because he's constantly making his way to his belly and rolling and wiggling to get a toy on his playmat (or something he wishes were a toy!)

He also rolled back to belly for the first time this month and learned to jump in his jumperoo! It's crazy that his feet didn't touch the floor in it back at Christmastime, but now they do! Babies don"t keep!

He's hitting all the physical milestones faster than Londyn Grace did so I have a feeling he may crawl earlier than she did as well. 

Speaking of his big sister, they are still the best of friends! She can make him smile unlike anyone else! He loves to grab her hair so she's constantly saying, "Liam's hair grabbing!" He also loves to put things in his mouth so she's frequently saying "Liam always eats stuff!"

As far as sleep, the morning nap in his swing was still consistent at six months from around ten until noon. The afternoon nap was more than likely taken in mama's arms and he was still sleeping between mama and daddy at night since he likes to snack frequently. Nursing is still going well. 

This month we took his six month portraits (which I did manage to post on time!) and celebrated his first Valentine's Day!

Seven months.

This month brought the flu to our house. It started with mama and then hit Big Sister hard. We thought Brother Boy was going to be spared, but just as Sister was recovering, he started vomiting. It was pretty awful to see such a tiny boy so sick, but thankfully it was only a 24 hour thing with him and he never lost interest in nursing. 

He weighed in at 13 pounds 15 ounces and measured 25 inches long.

When we are out and about, he is such a happy and social boy! He loves to wave and then act shy when someone says hello by burying his face in mama's shoulder!

He is very much a mama's boy and loves being held.

He spent a lot of time teething, but no tooth has popped through yet!

He is such a stinker, but a super sweet one! 

He has lots of nicknames including Bubby, Bubba, Brother Boy, Little Big Man, etc. 

He still has Londyn Grace wrapped around his finger! They look for each other as soon as they wake each morning! 

This month brought his first taste of solids. He tried sweet potato just like Big Sister did. He wasn't too sure what to think, but tolerated it well! Mama's milk is still his main source of nutrition!

He still hates his carseat and loves bathtime!

He discovered his bowtie and promptly removed it during our chalkboard pictures! Just look at that grin!

Things in the sleeping department are still the same other than he's staying up a little longer in the mornings before taking his morning nap in his swing.

He is so snuggly and still loves to nurse and rock in the afternoons while Londyn Grace naps.

I am in the very very early planning stages for his first birthday party which will be here before we know it! 

We are so so thankful for the gift of our little Liam babe!

Here's hoping his eighth monthly update is a little more timely!

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