Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Liam...One Month

Happy one month, Liam!

30 days with you, sweet boy, and what a joy you have been to our family!

It's sounds cliche, but we truly can't imagine life without you here now that you've been with us for four weeks!

You are tipping the scales at 7 pounds 2 ounces and measuring 21 inches long.

There has been some debate over how long you really were at birth since Daddy watched the nurse hastily measure you at 20.5 and then Dr. Schlacter measured you at 19. We are pretty sure the hospital's number wasn't quite accurate so you've grown 2 inches this month!

Even though you are still have room to grow in newborn clothes, newborn sleepers are almost too small because you don't have the space you need to stretch out your long legs! We are having trouble finding pants that fit your tiny waist, but newborn onesies and shirts fit pretty well!

You are doing great with nursing, but mama is concerned you may have a little reflux going on so we will ask the doctor about it at your next appointment. I did discover that you seem to have trouble going to the bathroom if I eat diary, particularly ice cream so I've cut out my nightly snack and you haven't had trouble since! You eat every two hours and like to cluster feed in the evenings.

In your first two weeks, we had a lot of visitors and you were held constantly so it seemed you slept constantly! Since we've been on our own, you are still doing pretty well in the sleeping department! You either nap in mama's arms, in your Solly wrap (best purchase ever!), or in your rock and play. The other night you slept in your rock and play for 3 hours straight! You snuggle with mama and daddy in our bed when you need to eat at night.

During your first month, you've been out and about quite a bit. You went to church for the first time when you were one week old. You've been to the pediatrician's office, to the grocery store (and napped in your Solly wrap the entire time!), to the mall and out on visitation with Daddy!

Your big sister is your biggest fan and loves you so much! She's always talking to you and saying, "Hi Me-um! Hi Boy!"' over and over! She likes to tickle your feet and touch your nose. It still amazes her when you have your eyes open! I'm so excited to see your relationship with her grow!

We are so proud of how strong you are in spite of your size! You have great head control and when we are holding you, you love to lift your head and look around. You have really big hands and feet so everyone predicts that you will grow up to be big and tall! You are already rolling around more than Londyn Grace ever did. He prefer your side over your back and always roll to your side when we lay you down.

You are a pretty content baby and don't fuss much at all unless you're getting your diaper changed or being put in your carseat. While you don't cry much, you do make some pretty grumpy looking faces sometimes so Daddy has nicknamed you his Grouchy Old Man! :) Mama calls you her Bubba.

It's been such a wonderful month with you and we're looking forward to watching you grow and change in month two!

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